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Change isn't easy, but it's worth it

NY concierge therapy practice for people who want to change their lives


Who Are We?

We're a NY based interactive and integrative psychotherapy practice dedicated to facilitating change in our clients' lives. 

Why Choose Us? 

People who come to us are looking for a more innovative and challenging therapeutic environment that provides support and tools to create the life they want. Our therapy is less textbook and more transformative. 

What do we do? 

  • Individual Therapy

  • Couples Therapy

  • Sex Therapy

  • Support Groups

Who do we support? 

  • People going through life stressors including anxiety, depression, relationships, marriage, and dating

  • People who want to work on finding self-love, sexual desire, romance and confidence in their lives

  • Millennials and people who are going through life transitions or just figuring out how to "adult"

  • Single people who feel stressed out and hopeless in the dating world 

  • Pregnancy, motherhood, fatherhood, parenting support

  • IVF, infertility treatment support, women's health issues, pelvic floor pain

  • Low desire, painful sex, pelvic floor dysfunction, erectile dysfunction

  • LGBTQ+, kink, ENM and sex+ populations


If you're on the search for a therapist, start here and let's see where we can go together. I always say, when you stop looking to everyone else for answers, you'll find they were in you all along. - Carli Blau, LCSW, Clinical Director and Founder of Boutique Psychotherapy