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5 Reasons It's Time To Switch Therapists

Therapy is meant to be helpful and supportive, but it isn't always that way. Some times there are reasons to switch from your current therapist. Check out 5 specific signs that it’s time to switch therapists.

  1. Stagnant conversation. Old school psychotherapy involved a lot of “uh huh, tell me more” whereas today’s therapy is growing to be more interactive. If you’re returning to therapy week after week where are the only one talking and you feel like you’re not getting much out of the experience it may not be the right fit for you.

  2. Lack of connection/relatability. This is not to say that you have to relate to or identify with your therapist, but sometimes this can be helpful. If you feel like you’re lacking connection or relatability and the therapist is not able to meet you where you are, it’s time to consider seeing someone new. I always suggest bringing this up with your therapist and advocating for your needs. However, this is a difficult thing to do! Therapy is kind of like dating, you can talk to anyone once, but it takes a special person to feel connected enough to that you feel safe to be vulnerable with them.

  3. Repetition of the same problem, without solutions. Therapy is often used as a safe space to process feelings, emotions and experiences, but it can also be used to empower individuals to change. It may be time to switch therapists if you continue to show up weekly with the same problem and are not able to find solutions or the ability to change.

  4. Too much time with one person. Life is all about perspective. While it can be helpful to work with one therapist over a long period of time (6 months-2 years or more) too much time with one person may hurt your therapeutic process as it only gives you one perspective. I’ve transitioned people out of my practice after a few years solely due to their need for a new perspective that I professionally felt I was not able to give.

  5. Fear of your therapist without a safe space to resolve it. Therapy can be hurtful sometimes in that it helps us challenge difficult spaces within ourselves. However, it’s never a space for fear or judgement. People often go to therapy because they have a hard time confronting their truths. Therapy is a space to be challenged by your therapist so you can bravely face what you don’t face in the real world. If you’re feeling fearful of being honest due to tension, lack of acceptance, judgement or hurt feelings and do not feel you can safely discuss this, it may be time to switch to someone new.

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