Life can be hard. Therapy can be hard, too.

We’re here to help both situations. At Boutique Psychotherapy, we pride ourselves on working WITH our clients to help make things just a bit easier for them. With flexible scheduling, client-centered treatment, sessions in the privacy of your own home, and multi-modality therapeutic approaches such as evidence-based practices and experiential therapy (art therapy, cooking therapy, etc.), psychotherapy can be maximized to meet your own specific needs.
There is no problem too big or small that our team of highly-trained psychotherapists will work with. Our therapists creatively use their acutely-trained skills and an empathetic perspective for all kinds of people and issues. There is no “normal” in our book, everyone is unique and there is not much we haven’t heard that doesn’t make sense to us!
If you are looking for a different type of therapeutic experience that caters to the needs and busy lifestyle of you and/or your family, we can most likely be of assistance. We understand that therapy can be confusing, take a lot of work, and be emotionally straining at times, which is why our team pays attention to providing a therapeutic experience that works best for the client. Whether that means including a cooking therapy activity, being with nature, exploring feelings through art, or something else, we adapt to help each client work towards their goals in a  way that is more comfortable, understanding, non-judgmental, and uniquely tailored to YOU.